Professional Business Consulting

Build Business Credit to Create a Sustainable, Profitable Business.

 What Lies Are You Telling Yourself About Getting Funding For your Business?

You want to GROW YOUR BUSINESS but you don’t know where to find the funds. YOU CAN FUND YOUR BUSINESS using other peoples money but you may think:

You Can't Because Your Credit is Bad

Your Business Doesn't Make any Money Yet

You Don't Have Enough Time In Business

Act Now And Transform Your Business..

Stop Using Your Own Money

One of the main things that holds us back in business is that many business owners don’t have access to funds to start or run their business effectively.  We show you how to get funds from the start so you don’t have to spend your life savings on your business.

Grow Your Business

The most exciting part about using other peoples money is that you get to GROW your business! Once we get you that money, we show you exactly how to use it to Scale For Profit!

Sustain Your Business

Your business is now profiting. CONGRATS! But somehow you are still feeling the stress of holding it together. We support you with systems and strategies to get you working on the business and not in the business!

We Know How Difficult It Can Be To Get Funding For Your Business…

That is why Derrick has helped hundreds of new and current business owners make the transition and gain over $200K in business credit!

About Derrick “Mr. Fresh” Harper, MBA

Business Coach

With over 15 years of experience starting and building businesses, Derrick “Mr. Fresh” Harper, MBA, ended his teaching career and landed in one industry where he has had massive success. His efforts alone grew his own pressure washing business from $0 to over $10,000 a month in the first year of business.

You CAN and WILL Be a Success Story…

Here’s How We Get You There…

1. Buy The Course

The first step in your journey is to gain access to the information. With this information in your arsenal youll be able to get business credit and stop using your own money!



2. Learn The Secrets

Learn the simple secrets to getting business credit in big amounts.  Using these strategies will increase your credit and loan chances dramatically. YOU GET APPROVED!

3. Transform

Get the Funding You Need and GROW YOUR BUSINESS.  You no longer have to spend your own money on your business.  Now you can use your money for things that are more important like saving for your kids college tuition, that new car, or new home.  But the biggest peace of mind is that you get your time freedom.

How Do I Know If I Need a Business Coach?

What is Business Coaching?

Business coaching is a service that Derrick provides to business owners that helps their business grow through transformative resources. 

How Do I Know if Business Coaching Is Right for Me?

Business coaching is for people who have started or looking to start a business and are looking for guidance. In addition, coaching guides Business owners looking to implement strategy and processes into their business, fill their schedules with clients, and run a profitable business.

Do You Only Work With Established Companies?

No! While we work with companies and business owners of varying sizes, we carefully pick companies and businesses willing to put in the work. We work extremely hard for our clients, and for our efforts to be realized, we need like-minded Business owners in which to create partnerships.

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

Yes!  We have self-paced and guided services.

Do You Invest In Startup Companies?

Not at this time. 


I know you want to get approved for business credit without having to use your personal credit.  In order to do that, you need to follow a blueprint that “they” won’t tell you about.  

The problem is you don’t have the information to get to your desired result which makes you feel frustrated and ready to give up.
Which is why I created the Fresh Start Business Credit Blueprint which helps you hear “YES” Even If You Just Started Your Business.


Here’s how it works.

  • We Show You How To Make Your Business Look Credible To Lenders!
  • We Give you Credit Hacks that Help You Build Your BUSINESS Credit FAST!
  • We Give You The Blueprint That Gets You APPROVED With Top Vendors!


So GET STARTED TODAY, so you can stop wasting your hard-earned money on your business and use other people’s money.  Doing this will allow you to relieve your bank account so you can spend your money on more important things like saving for your kids college tuition and gain time freedom to live life on your own terms.





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