Who is Derrick Harper, MBA?Business CoacH

I’m a business coach specializing in helping new and aspiring business owners successfully transition from a full-time job to full-time business.

 My Story…The Short Version


I am a former teacher who daily poured into the lives of students in middle school and high school that quit my job to regain my time freedom and live life on my own terms.

OK..Here is the Longer Version

I was born in Portsmouth, VA which is part of the tidewater area. Shortly after I moved 15 minutes away to Hampton, VA. We didn’t have much, but we had enough. 

My mother was a seamstress who got ill with kidney disease which quickly turned her into a dialysis patient. That illness then turned her into a house wife on disability.

My step-father worked in the Newport News Shipyard for more than 30 years.

My siblings and I learned that we needed to go to college and become whatever we wanted to become and make a living for ourselves.

While we didn’t have much, we always had what we needed.

My mother would always tell me that I could do anything and be anything I wanted to be.

I had many ambitions including becoming an NFL player; however, I landed on teaching and coaching. 

Fast Forward to College Graduation

After college and a few years of running a business I landed in Norfolk,VA working Master Control for various TV stations on all three of the major networks. (ABC,CBS,NBC)

After 3 years of working Master Control I felt unfulfilled and stuck in a job with a glass celieng.

I then discovered I loved teaching and coaching. So, I started working in the school system.




But in teaching middle school, I learned that the classroom setting is not where I wanted or needed to be.


I took a huge leap of faith and began running my pressure washing business full-time.

I realized that I created a process that had a proven result of working and I needed to show other people how to make the transition. 

In my first month working full-time, I made $11,900!

It was then I realized I made the best decision of my life (besides marrying Rachel and having children with her) and I was never going back. 

Why Work With Me?

Listen, I am not like those other guys out there that claim to help you make $40,000 in 30 days.  Those guys will enroll you in a course and then disapear with your money and leave you with no results. 

I provide an unmatched service.  I walk you step by step through the process needed to reach goals that you set for yourself.  I follow up with you each week to ensure that you stay accountable.  I am accessible even when you dont have a scheduled call with me.  I actually talk with you and stick with you to get you to your desired results.  Thats my promise to you. 120% effort at all times!

Qualifications & Awards

There are plenty of things I could put down here.  But the most important award is watching my students achieve their goals.


  • 2001 A.A. Individual Studies
  • 2005 B.S. Mass Communications
  • 2015 MBA






P.O. Box 2141 Duluth, GA 30096