Work With Me

Hands-On  with Derrick “Mr. Fresh” Harper, MBA

Discovery Call

 In this call we discover what your needs are, get to really know your business, and gather all of the information that we need to create an individualized plan for you. We will discuss your goals and what actions to take now so that you can change your situation. 

30 mins.


Strategy Call

On this call, I give you a personalized business strategy to follow that will supercharge your business and get you on track to unlocking your full business potential.  I will walk you through your plan of action and show you exactly how to implement it into your business. I do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on running your business instead of working in your business.  

60-90 mins.


Accountability Call

On this call, I check on your progress and hold you accountable for doing the work in which you committed to doing. I answer questions and motivate you to keep going.  We dive into what is working and what is not working. I then take data, adjust, and watch your business grow!

15-20 mins.


I Reccomend 4 call packages 

4 calls for $70




Facebook Ads Training

Online $25

In this training we dive into Facebook Ads and teach you how to do the following:

➡️ Create Profitable Ads

➡️ How to Set-up FB Ads

➡️ How to create a Pixel

➡️Creating look-alike audiences

Registration Coming Soon


Jan 2022


The L.O.B. Method.  How to get FREE HOT LEADS. 

Online $20

Learn how to ethically leverage other Businesses Audience and get FREE Leads to your Business.

Registration TBD


Feb 2022


Pressure Washing Season Kickoff Marketing Strategy

Online $25

Ready for the new Pressure Washing Season? In this training I give you the blueprint on how to kick your new season off with an influx of customers begging you to take their money.  Get over the “Ill wait until pollen season is over” excuse and get them to buy now!

Registration TBD




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